The advent of the 80’s, which witnessed an unprecedented influx of Filipinos in San Jose and the Bay Area also, saw the emergence of some problems. One problem was the need to address the cultural need of the group that was essential in unifying them into one ethnic community. Another problem was the need to educate the second generation Filipino-American about their Filipino heritage. The Kaisahan of San Jose was formed in response to such needs. Initiated by Helen Pastor-Moreno, an artist, choreographer, and authority in Filipino dances, the Kaisahan of San Jose was formed in 1982 when she took under her tutelage, second-generation Filipino-Americans and taught them Filipino songs and dances.

The group endeavors to promote and preserve Filipino art and culture through the development, performance and presentation of traditional and authentic Filipino dances, thereby evoking a deep sense of understanding, appreciation, identity and nationalistic pride especially among its second generation Filipino-American members thus fostering unity and harmony among the members of the community.

Under the tutelage of Helen Moreno and assisted by a group of Board of directors, Kaisahan had its debut performance in 1983 at the San Jose City College Auditorium which was immediately hailed as a success. What followed was a series of successful dance concerts all over the Bay Area specifically in San Jose, San Francisco, Hayward, Fremont, Milpitas, and Palo Alto. In no time, the company has graduated from an informal group, which catered to such gatherings as weddings, church concerts, fairs, and birthdays, into a more formal group of performing artists. The members grew in number; their art and craft honed into perfection through discipline and practice.

In 1995 during its anniversary presentation at the Scottish Rite Auditorium, Kaisahan was spotted by Joe Rodriguez, Community Arts Development Officer of the City of San Jose, who invited them to join PASS. In 1996, Kaisahan did a sold-out PASS performance -- which was duplicated in 1997. In 1998, Kaisahan presented two venues: one at Scottish Rite Auditorium, San Jose on June 13, 1998 and of course, for PAS at the Montgomery Theater, San Jose on Oct. 16,17, & 18, 1998.

Kaisahan’s PAS 1999 offering entitled, "SALUDO ‘99" (translated Salute ’99) is a clear and beautiful re-statement of Kaisahan’s mission -- the promotion and preservation of Filipino art and culture which it seeks to achieve through the development, performance and presentation of traditional and authentic Filipino dances.

Below is a partial list of our past performances. We want to thank everyone who gave us the opportunity to share and preserve our culture.